CellReturn America

CellReturn America is the only certified U.S. distributor for CellReturn, the world's No. 1 brand for LED masks. We operate the U.S. distribution and customer service center in Santa Fe Springs, CA and provide shipping to North America and surrounding regions. 

CellReturn is, without question, the unrivaled, global number one brand in its field. CellReturn develops and manufactures LED products in their own facilities, all exclusively in South Korea. It is impossible to compare CellReturn with other products in terms of quality, function and effectiveness. You can clearly see results after using a CellReturn LED mask within weeks. 1,026 LEDs seamlessly restore skin elasticity with three wavelengths. You can tangibly feel your skin becoming firmer and more elastic, and this product is especially perfect for those who are hesitant to go outside for skincare treatments during the pandemic. You can use the LED mask from the comfort of your home for just 20 minutes and save immensely on skincare costs. Our CellReturn products are designed to help you with all your aging concerns, including neck wrinkles and hair loss. CellReturn truly brings a return of your cells.